Inspiration Bundle

This bundle has been created to radiate inspiration. A bundle of complimentary ingredients to create a beautiful balance of energy. Made with a Mugwort base, which is known as 'dream weed,' encouraging dreaming and visions, making it a perfect choice when you need some motivation and inspiration. If you have intense dreams, Mugwort is known to help you manage your dreams. Paired with Palo Santo to help relieve blockages and get your creative juices flowing.

Made with a blue + white theme. Chosen because blue is a colour of inspiration and spiritual development. White symbolises transformation and realisation. 

Ingredients include:

>> Mugwort - for dreaming, freedom + feminine power

>> Roses - calming + attracting love

>> Lavender - for relaxation + meditation

>> Palo Santo - for healing & cleansing. 

>> Eucalyptus - for health, protection and energy. 

>> Manuka - for purification + protection

>> Shasta Daisy - for focus + clarity

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