I am closed to celebrate my birthday! Orders can still be placed and will be sent out the week of the 27th. Thank you x

Booster Bundle

The Booster Bundle is created to cleanse your space and encourage a positive and uplifting mood. 

>> Lavender - for relaxation, happiness + a lovely scent. 

>> Kyanite - tranquility, energy + protection

>> Roses - calming + attracting love

>> Cinnamon Quill - for healing + soothing. 

>> Homegrown Purple Sage also known as Lavender Sage –  tranquility + love

>> Eucalyptus - for health, protection + energy. 

>> Lemon Balm -  calming + uplifting

>> Marigold - for energy + positivity

Made with seasonal flowers to enhance your cleansing experience.

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