Autumn Harvest | Smudge Collection


White Sage + Lavender + Roses + Orange + Cinnamon Quill + Smoky Quartz + Florals

Handmade smudge collection, created in my sunny and cosy flower room during lockdown. I was inspired by these beautiful autumn evenings and the golden sunset. This Smudge collection uses a variety of natural goodies to create a beautiful scent everytime you use your smudge stick. 

Smudges are handmade and finished off with a range of seasonal florals. Each smudge includes:

>> Californian White Sage - for cleansing dense energy

>> Lavender - for relaxation + happiness

>> Roses - calm + love

>> Cinnamon Quill - for energy + healing

>> Smoky Quartz - for protection + serenity

>> Orange - for cleansing + a mood booster

Each smudge is handmade with natural products so it may vary from the image provided. 


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