Chakra Wand

The Chakra Wand is created with a lavender base stuffed with chakra energy resin. Finished off with mixed florals in a Chakra colour theme including orange peel, eucalyptus and roses

>> Chakra Energy resin - helps to reset and energise your Chakras.

>> Lavender - for relaxation, happiness and a lovely scent. 

>> Roses - calming and attracting love

>> Eucalyptus - for health, protection and energy. 

>> Orange - for cleansing + a mood booster

Mixed florals chosen to create a Chakra inspired colour theme. 


People, spaces and objects we are surrounded by can easily drain energy. Smudging can help to cleanse this energy and bring it back to its purest form.

Smudging is different for everyone, it is important to make it your own and follow your intuition. Don’t feel like you need to follow set instructions just do what feels natural to you.

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