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Cleansing Bundles

The ultimate Winter cleansing bundle made with:

>> Californian White Sage - for cleansing dense energy. 

>> Cedar - for protection & grounding. 

>> Eucalyptus - for health, protection and energy. 

>> Lavender - for relaxation, happiness and a lovely scent. 

>> Bay Leaf - for a calming energy.

>> Palo Santo - for healing & cleansing. 

>> Cinnamon Quill - for energy, healing and soothing. 

>> Clear Quartz - for energy, healing & clarity. 

>> Strawflower - for a pop of colour (colour may vary)

I would recommend burning this bundle as it is. Simply take off the brown tag and start burning from the top. You will need to relight it when you get to different staged of the smudge. When you get to the crystal this will come off and you can carry on burning the rest. 


So many people, spaces and objects we are surrounded by can easily drain energy. Smudging can help to cleanse this energy and bring it back to its purest form.

Smudging is different for everyone, it is important to make it your own and follow your intuition. Don’t feel like you need to follow set instructions just do what feels natural to you.


What you need:

 Smudge stick, Ashtray or Bowl to catch the embers, Lighter or candle

  1. First it works best if you choose your intention, this could be something as simple as “to create a home full with positivity.”

  1. Make sure you have an ashtray, bowl or shell handy. This is important to catch any embers during the smudging. Be careful if you have fire alarms as the smoke produced can cause them to go off if you are using it too closely. I recommend to open doors and windows in your house, this will also help the smoke to carry the negativity out with it.

  1. Light the end of your smudge stick and allow the flame to burn for 30 seconds, sometimes you may find it easier to use a candle to do this. Then blow it out and allow the smoke to spread. (It is normal for your smudge stick to need lighting a few times)

  2. Carry the smudge stick with you over your bowl, let the smoke flow through the areas you want to cleanse. Keeping your intention present with you imagine the smoke taking the negative energy with it as the smoke dissipates.

  1. Gently wave the smudge stick throughout your space, taking it to every corner to allow all areas to be cleansed leaving you with fresh and positive energy. Smudging only needs to be done for a few minutes to feel its benefits, but you can do it for as long as feels needed in a space.
  1. Follow your intuition into any spaces where the energy is dense and guide the smoke around. You should feel when the energy has cleared and it is time to move to the next space.
  1. Once you feel like you have finished with your sage wand you can smudge out the embers to stop it from burning. Sometimes it will burn out on its own but it is safe to wet the ends to ensure it is safely put out. This means you can keep using your smudge stick whenever you feel like you or your spaces need cleansing.
  1. When you have used all that you can of your smudge stick, to finish the ritual you can bury it in your back yard to but the past behind you.


I like to keep the crystal on while burning my smudge stick to allow its energy to flow. Once you have burned to the crystal simply remove it and carry on using your smudge stick.



To cleanse your own energy, use the lit Sage and allow the smoke to drift over your body, starting at you feet and working your way up to your head. Visualise the smoke removing all the negative energy from your body and keep your intention present.


Just like us our crystals can hold onto negative energy. It is important to cleanse them to bring them back to their most powerful form.

Once your sage is burning you can guide the smoke over your crystals, this works well when you have a large collection. Alternatively you can hold the crystal over the smoke stream to allow it to flow through.

Cleansing crystals in water also works, but some crystals shouldn’t get wet as this can ruin them. So sage is a cleansing routine that is safe on all crystals if you’re unsure.


When moving in a new home to cleanse it of the last occupants energy and allow you to start fresh.

To cleanse energy from you, a space or an object (this includes your crystals)

When your energy is low and you are feeling anxious or stressed.

To allow you to focus, with work, study or just day-to-day life.


The sage is sustainably harvested in California.

(Remove the brown twine and tag before burning)

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