Unveiling the Golden Age Deluxe Tarot Set

An alchemic gateway of tarot, vision, empowerment and expansive play. Traverse portals, glide down rainbows and feel the glory of your wings in this truly revelationary tarot and meditation deck.

Intricate and intuitive, startling and reassuring, this 78-card offering was birthed from physical and multi-dimensional realms to ground and elevate the reader in a synergy of co-creative connection.

Izzy Ivyâ's unique divinatory system offers insight, direction, healing practices and recalibration for yourself and others. There are also supports for leading group meditations and accessing collective wisdom and visions. However you connect with the hand-painted wonders and spirit-led guidance, your journey with the Golden Age will be natural, timely and deeply transformative.

78 Gold-Edged Cards and 304-Page Full-Colour Guidebook

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