Tourmalinated Quartz Large Polished Chip Bracelet

Tourmalinated Quartz bracelets created with larger polished chip beads, 1-1.5cm long. These bracelets are made with elastic so they are super easy to slip on and off.  They are a great way to keep Crystals on your body, allowing the energy to radiate. 

They are made one size fits most, so depending on your wrist the fit may vary. These beads are larger so the bracelet is a little heavier making it a larger fit than the rounded bead range. 



Translucent Clear Quartz combines itself with fragments of Black Tourmaline intricately united.

Tourmalinated Quartz creates an energy field protecting you from negative outside influences, turning them into something positive. 

Creating a strong sense of harmony, it helps to dispel tensions, both internal and external. Keeping you grounded and rational Tourmalinated Quartz allows for a clear mind to solve problems and move forward.

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