Ruby Kyanite Tumbles


Ruby and Kyanite combined in perfect harmony. Your crystal will be intuitively selected for you.



Your body’s energy is constantly being picked at, dragged away from your core as you push your limbs to move and  work every day.

Kyanite is a stone that works to restore this energy and create a balance within your body. It is about stillness and tranquility. It dispels anger and frustration and instead breeds compassion and communication. 

It brings protection to your dream states. A stone that is at its most powerful when eliminating confusion from emotional, spiritual or intellectual issues.

It also does not need to be cleansed, able to keep itself clean of all negative energy.



In the search for success, wealth and passion, one must have Ruby by their side. Helping in leadership roles to be positive and motivated role model. It encourages you to bring up negative issues and deal with them head on. Ruby makes the mind sharp, helping with concentration.  

A stone of energy, it encourages you to get and do what needs to be done keeping you motivated. One for the dreamers, it encourages positive dreams, making it beneficial for a great nights sleep. 

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