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Palo Santo with Citrine

This set includes three pieces of Palo Santo along with a Citrine point to bring you happiness and success. Finished with beautiful homegrown dried flowers.



Palo Santo is found in South America, translating to mean ‘Holy Wood,’ it is known for its healing and cleansing energies to help to keep you grounded. It has a calming scent of citrus and pine. 

When creativity is blocked burning Palo Santo can help your creative energies flow. Giving you increased energy, it promotes positivity and relieves anxiety and stress. 

To use your Palo Santo start by unwrapping your bundle, to burn one piece at a time. To light it simply hold a flame to one end until it catches fire, allow it to burn for a while. Then blow out the flame and allow it’s smoke to fill your space and surround you.

Move it around you and your rooms to cleanse you and your spaces of negative energies. Carry your crystal with you to radiate further energy. You can also use the smoke to cleanse your crystals. 

You can sit it down over a dish and let it burn out like you would an incense stick. Or you can smudge out the embers so you can use it again later. 

Please note, these sets are designed to untie and you can burn each piece of Palo Santo separately. Dried flowers may vary depending on the season so it could include anything from roses to lavender. 

Each individual piece measures approx: 100x20mm

We source our Palo Santo in small batches and only have limited stock available. It is sustainably sourced from wood that has died naturally. It is sourced from Peru within the strict guidelines they have in place, ensuring it is ethically harvested.

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