Mayan Myrrh & Copal Incense Sticks


BANJARA Myrrh or Copal Incense is a natural fragrance made using the leaves and resins to give the natural aroma and its properties.


Copal is used in cleansing rituals. It has a very uplifting, clear, woodsy scent. It is great for clearing negative energies and making positive changes. It has an extremely positive and loving energy that will help bring a peaceful energy to your home. Copal is a tree resin that comes from trees in the Buresa family, a medicinal & sacred tree to the Mayas in Southern Mexico. It is a beautiful tool to burn during meditation and other self-care ceremonies. 

Myrrh in addition to its pleasant, warm and earthy scent, may also have several health benefits. Studies suggest that it may help kill harmful bacteria, parasites, and other microbes. It may also support health, help ease pain and stress. In some magical traditions, myrrh is incorporated into workings to break hexes and curses, or for protection against magical and psychic attack.

BANJARA INCENSE | Made in India | Ethically Sourced 

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