*I am currently out of Crystal pack boxes, so they are instead being packaged in a linen bag and with a guide to tell you about each crystal included. Until the boxes arrive I have all Crystal Packs on sale. 

The Love crystal pack includes 5 crystals to encourage loving vibes, helping you to be open to love and learn to love yourself. 

Crystal Pack Includes:


Rose Quartz is known as the ‘stone of love’, however its properties cover much more than just your relationships. It amplifies the feeling of self-worth and encourages you to feel worthy of love.


Helping to clear the mind and calm the soul, Fluorite encourages its wearer to discover their own self-worth and character, assisting self-love.


Balancing the heart chakra, Malachite helps to open your heart and experience unconditional love.


Howlite’s energy facilitates the achievement of comfort in your own skin, by assisting in the calming of both mind and soul, encouraging you to accept love.


Garnet is known as the lover’s stone, it is said to encourage love and devotion In your relationships. Garnet’s energy helps to enhance romance, communication and healthy relationships.

This crystal pack has been hand selected to help you on your spiritual journey, by adding comfort and guidance to your daily life. They are intended as a potential compliment to other wellbeing therapies and treatments which have been recommended by a licensed medical professional.


Each crystal pack is a one off, with no two crystals the same you will always receive something unique. 

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