Linen Wheat Bags


Perfect time of year for a little cuddly wheat bag. 

After my rebrand I had some of my linen bags left over with the old logo. We have been dreaming about what we could use these for. I knew an idea would come eventually. And here it is...


These are a medium sized wheat-bag with two tiers. Perfect for sore muscles, tummy cramps, warmth and you can even add a few drops of essential oil to amplify the experience. 

Made from reusable linen bags up-cycled by using eco wheat. Handmade in NZ at my Mums house, all wonderfully sewen by my clever Mum, Marie. 

These can be used both hot and cold. 

Hot: 1-3 Minutes in the microwave (tip: include a small mug of water to help heat the bag evenly)

Cold: Pop your bag into the freezer for a few hours and enjoy.

We are a big fan of a wheat bag so we are very excited to give these a go. I hope you enjoy them too!

Each bag is wrapped as pictured with a cinnamon Quill, florals and citrus slice. 

Please note, we have made these so the old logo is on the inside. It may still be slightly visible on some of the bags. 

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