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Flower Agate Sphere

This Flower Agate Sphere is a beautiful crystal that is perfect for any home. Flower Agate is known for supporting new beginnings. Each Sphere comes included with a pine stand (pictured).

Size: 80mm


Strength – Balance – Calming

Agate is one of the oldest stones among the crystals, using its wisdom to attract strength. Stable and grounding, it works to balance the body on all levels. Physically and emotionally.

While is it commonly used for its strength, Agate also has an extreme sense of calm. It is said to take a comforting and calming approach to encourage self-acceptance and confidence.

Encouraging mindfulness to help with personal and spiritual growth while keeping you centered.

It is recommended as a stone carried when making big decisions as it refines precision and perceptiveness.

“I am in perfect balance and harmony”

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