*I am currently out of Crystal pack boxes, so they are instead being packaged in a linen bag and with a guide to tell you about each crystal included. Until the boxes arrive I have all Crystal Packs on sale. 

The creativity crystal pack includes 5 crystals to encourage your creativity to flow and to help inspire you. 

Crystal Pack Includes:


Apatite aids both the mind and body. It’s an inspiring stone that stimulates communication and creativity. Encouraging motivation and energy, giving you the confidence to express yourself.


Calms the mind of an over thinker giving you the power of knowledge to be the best version of yourself. For the creative, Labradorite energises the mind helping to alleviate creative blockages.


Celestite works to bring harmony in stressful times, radiating deep peace and calming energies to keep you relaxed. Celestite is a pure crystal that helps to bring you clarity and promote creativity.


This balancing and grounding stone boosts self-confidence and provides structure to your thought processes during challenging times. It protects you against electromagnetic stress and helps to keep your creative juices flowing while bringing order to chaos.

Pink opal

Opal amplifies your thoughts and feelings, intensifying any emotion. It is a stone of transformation giving you a means of expressing yourself and realising your full potential. Mystic visions enhance the creative state bringing forward feelings of passion and love. Making it the ideal stone for anyone with an interest in the arts and creative expression.

This crystal pack has been hand selected to help you on your spiritual journey, by adding comfort and guidance to your daily life. They are intended as a potential compliment to other wellbeing therapies and treatments which have been recommended by a licensed medical professional.

Each crystal pack is a one off, with no two crystals the same you will always receive something unique. 

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