Aventurine Tower

This beautiful aventurine tower is perfect for adding a touch of natural beauty to your home. Crafted from aventurine, a green crystal known for its positive energy, this tower adds a unique and calming display to any room.

Size: Height - 80mm  Base - 21 x 21mm



As technology continues to take over today’s society electromagnetic pollutions surround us everywhere we turn. Aventurine protects you against this smog. Keep it near your cellphone to minimise the pollutions in your environment. 

Being a leader requires decisiveness, compassion and perseverance, Aventurine helps to foster all these qualities. It aids in diffusing negative situations and to create empathy for others. It links the intellectual and emotional thoughts, making it a strong business tool, creating endless possibilities. 

Aventurine can help with growth in the early stages of life, making it a crucial crystal for children in their development. 

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