A Little Peace of Mind

Nicola Bird is a highly successful entrepreneur who suffered from anxiety and crippling panic attacks for over two decades. Her symptoms were sometimes so severe that she couldn't leave the house or had to take taxis to work to avoid large crowds, which terrified her.

She tried everything she could to heal - from traditional treatments such as medication and psychiatry, to alternative therapies such as tapping and NLP, even studying psychology and training as a coach - but nothing helped. Then she realised that she was looking for the solution to anxiety in the wrong places - and discovered a new way of looking at anxiety that changed her life. Nicola is now anxiety-free and has written A Little Peace of Mind to share what she has learned with others.

In this book, Nicola shares simple yet logical steps to help you stop trying to control your thinking, understand the nature of your thoughts and change your response to circumstances. Written with compassion and understanding, this book is a companion for anyone who is suffering from anxiety, panic attacks and stress.

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