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Smudge Blend


Smudge Blend is made with a mix of Californian White Sage - for cleansing dense energy. Rosemary - for protection and peace. Lavender - for relaxation, happiness and a lovely scent. Rose Petals - for a calming energy and attracting love. Eucalyptus - for health, protection and energy. Lavender sage - to attract love and tranquility. Finished off with a mix of dried flowers and other cleansing goodies.

The Smudge blend can be used with charcoal and a charcoal burner. This loose blend is perfect for cleansing your crystals, you and your surroundings.

Comes in a glass jar with 1/2 cup of the blend. Upgrade to include one pack of charcoal with x10 pieces in it. 

Each blend also comes with an instruction card to get you started. 

Our homemade blend is created in small batches, each batch may very slightly and will include some seasonal florals. 

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