Selenite Tower Lamp

Selenite tower lamp to radiate deep peace and create ambience in your home. 

 Sent with a standard bulb that provides warm light and a power cord. If you want cool lighting you can get a LED bulb here.


Each lamp is unique and may vary slightly. 

Lamp Size: 80x80 mm Base - 250mm Tall



Love is not a gift that can be stored away and forgotten about. It is one that requires care and attention for it to flourish and grown. It feeds on understanding.

Selenite is a stone that offers lovers reconciliation and a way to reconnect.

It is a transformation stone that heals old wounds and converts negative energies, allowing for greater consideration and tolerance. It brings about clarity and offers the mind a truly deep peace.

This crystal can also aid in the aging process as it has the ability to clear away age spots and wrinkles.

Please ensure you keep selenite dry as when its wet it can dissolve. 

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