*I am currently out of Crystal pack boxes, so they are instead being packaged in a linen bag and with a guide to tell you about each crystal included. Until the boxes arrive I have all Crystal Packs on sale. 

Not only do crystals look super cute in your plants but they also help to encourage your beauties to live their best life. Here are my top five to include with your plants. 

Crystal Pack Includes:

Tree Agate

Staying true to its name Tree Agate has a deep connection to nature. Working to help your plants live a happy and healthy life.


Clear Quartz is known to magnify the positive attributes of other crystals. It enhances, absorbs and amplifies the energy surrounding it. Also a great healer for plants that are struggling.

Green Calcite

Helping your plants to feel calm and relaxed, especially when they are in a bustling home. Just like us our plants can easily get stressed by their surroundings, Green Calcite helps them flourish.

Rose Quartz

Radiating love, Rose Quartz offers a gentle loving energy to your plants, from the roots to the leaves. Also used as a rejuvenator, Rose Quartz can help plants that need a little extra love.


Tourmaline is extremely beneficial to your plants as it is a natural insecticide, keeping pests away. Allowing your plants to be happy and healthy. Keep it in the soil so it can work its magic.

This crystal pack has been hand selected to help your plants flourish and add joy to your home.

If you look after your plants and provide them with the appropriate water, sunlight and fertiliser, these Crystals will work as a beautiful compliment to keep them healthy. Plus, they look great too!

Each crystal pack is a one off, with no two crystals the same you will always receive something unique. 

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