Peridot Beaded Bracelet

Peridot bracelets created with 6mm beads. These bracelets are made with elastic so they are super easy to slip on and off.  They are a great way to keep Crystals on your body, allowing the energy to radiate. 

They are made one size fits most, so depending on your wrist the fit may vary. 



Moving on from past mistakes is one of the hardest journeys to make. Peridot cleanses you allowing you to let go of the past and move forward in your journey. It allows you to admit your mistakes and learn from them, removing jealousy and encouraging you to appreciate what you have to offer. This in turn helps to reduce stress in everyday situations and manage situations accordingly. 

Peridot keeps the mind sharp and clear, enhancing your confidence in your journey to discover your true destiny. It encourages you to make tough changes and improve dynamics within difficult relationships. 

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