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Native Spirits Incense


Native Spirits Incense sticks created by Goloka. 


Owl Spirit - CedarwoodConnects to the Owls Spirit when you seek for wisdom and intuition. Reputed for his vision, he will guide you to see the truth and face your darker side. Also known as the Eyes of the Night, they bring out the mysteries guiding you to a higher level of self-awareness.

Hummingbird Spirit - PeppermintConnects to the Hummingbirds Spirit when you seek for Positivity and Joy. He is the messenger that will guide you to let go of the past and move on, appreciate, and love life as it is, be independent, and celebrate.

Raven Spirit - PatchouliConnects to the Raven’s Spirit when you seek for transformation and knowledge. Known as the keeper of secrets, the mysterious Raven will guide you through spiritual rebirth and clarify the truth in your visions.

Turtle Spirit - Juniper - Connects to the Turtles Spirit when you seek to live in a long and healthy life. As a symbol of Good Luck, this spirit will bring you calmness and patience, guiding you to reconnect with Mother Earth.

Wolf Spirit - FrankincenseConnects to the Wolf’s Spirit when you seek for understanding and communication. The wolf is a family-oriented Spirit. He is loyal and intelligent. He will guide you to maintain your self-esteem and be who your are.

Sun - Ylang YlangConnects to the Sun’s Spirit when you seek for Healing and Peace. The Generosity of the sun is endless abundance. He is the Source, the Guiding Light showing you your path to success, growth, and life balance.

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