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Love Smudge

Love Smudges are handmade and finished off with a range of beautiful seasonal florals, carefully chosen to add loving energy to your cleansing. 

Each smudge includes:

>> Californian White Sage - for cleansing dense energy

>> Lavender - for relaxation + happiness

>> Red Roses - passion + love

>> Babys Breath - everlasting love

>> Purple Salvia - healing

>> Lemon Balm -  calming + uplifting

>> Rose Quartz - love, self love + calm 

Size: Medium - 130x40mm approx

Each smudge is handmade with natural products so it may vary from the image provided. The images will give you an indication of the style of your smudge stick and colour range.


White Sage Smudge sticks are woven with roses, lavender, florals  and a crystal of your choice and can be used to cleanse you, your spaces and crystals of negative energies.

These are made with a mix of Californian White Sage and flowers grown in New Zealand. Each Smudge Stick is made with a unique crystal to radiate its own energy to enhance your ritual.

Sage has powerful healing properties and is known to attract higher energies.  

So many people, spaces and objects we are surrounded by can easily drain energy. Smudging can help to cleanse this energy and bring it back to its purest form.

Smudging is different for everyone, it is important to make it your own and follow your intuition. Don’t feel like you need to follow set instructions just do what feels natural to you.

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