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Lepidolite Terminated Points S/S

Beautiful Lepidolite terminated point pendants set in 92.5 sterling silver. Available in two sizes.


This is just for the pendant and you can select your chain here. There is now a wide variety of chain choices available for you to choose from so they are listed separately. 



Thoughts race each other, splintering out of control and into every part of the mind. Further aggravated by negativity from the outside, meditation becomes clouded and impossible.
Purple Lepidolite is calming in nature and soothes this unrest of the over active mind. It restores balance and is at its most effective when relieving stress, helping those who toss and turn at night.
It is connected to the muscles, strengthening both the heart and blood flow.
Every crystal is unique and one of a kind. It may vary from the featured image. 

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