The Health crystal pack includes 5 crystals to encourage energy, healing and general wellness. 

Crystal packs are packaged in a small box, with a linen bag and a guide printed on recycled paper to tell you about each crystal included. All packaging is eco friendly and makes for a beautiful gift. 

Crystal Pack Includes:


Amethyst said to help with anxiety and sadness by taking a weight off your shoulders. It also helps relieve headaches and tension.


Considered a healing stone full of energy, It helps to cleanse the body. Clear Quartz is known as a ‘master healer crystal,’ and may be used for many conditions.


The ‘stone of health’ speaks for itself. Helping with immunity and recovery supporting health and enjoyment of life.


Jasper is known as the ‘supreme nurturer’. It becomes most helpful during long stays in hospital or when your energy is low. A healing stone that can be used in many treatments. 


The ‘master healing stone’ it helps to speed up the process of recovery. Turquoise is known as a strengthening stone, good for exhaustion, depression, or panic attacks.

This crystal pack has been hand selected to help you on your spiritual journey, by adding comfort and guidance to your daily life. They are intended as a potential compliment to other wellbeing therapies and treatments which have been recommended by a licensed medical professional. 

Each crystal pack is a one off, with no two crystals the same you will always receive something unique. 

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