The Energy crystal pack includes 5 crystals to encourage amplified and balanced energy. 

Crystal packs are packaged in a small box, with a linen bag and a guide to tell you about each crystal included. All packaging is eco friendly and makes for a beautiful gift. 

Crystal Pack Includes:


Kyanite is a crystal that works to restore energy and create balance within your body. Known as a strong protective stone, its energies help to defend you from people who drain your energy without offering anything in return.


Clear Quartz is the most powerful energiser. It amplifies and stores energy to help with the blockages preventing flow throughout your body. Quartz is also known as a powerful healing crystal, working to keep you healthy and full of life. 


Garnet is a crystal with supreme energies, it helps to activate other crystals and encourages their energy to radiate. It works to keep you balanced, allowing the perfect energy flow.


Bloodstone is an energiser, helping us to be physically strong and healthy. It refreshes your mind when you are feeling mentally exhausted with a powerful and pure energy. Bloodstone encourages you to live your best life.


Apatite’s energies help to increase motivation and overcome emotional exhaustion. It facilitates social ease by encouraging extroversion in-group situations. Apatite also promotes weight loss by encouraging healthy eating, which in turn helps give your body vitality.

This crystal pack has been hand selected to help you on your spiritual journey, by adding comfort and guidance to your daily life. They are intended as a potential compliment to other wellbeing therapies and treatments which have been recommended by a licensed medical professional.


Each crystal pack is a one off, with no two crystals the same you will always receive something unique. 

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