Cosmic Journal

What if you found a mysterious Cosmic Journal that seemed like it was written just for you. Imagine being handed the 'Galactic Instruction Manual' you should have received at birth, filled with profound wisdom and inspirational messages to help you re-remember who you really are and what the heck you're doing here on this planet.

The topics range from the practical to the mystical, including meditations on destiny, calls to find your highest purpose, and solid advice on building an evolved business. Journal prompts and exercises encourage you to write in the book to deepen your understanding of a topic and to reach out to your social network and share the information.

The book can be read straight through, but each entry also stands alone so pages can be read at random. You can even use the book as an oracle! Simply hold your question or intention in mind, then flip to a page and read the message from the Universe there. Each page has been whimsically illustrated and hand-lettered by Yanik Silver.

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