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Clear Quartz Hexagon Coasters

Beautiful Clear Quartz, rough cut hexagon coasters. Each piece is totally unique and one of a kind. The perfect addition to your coffee table. Plus they are pretty fun to play with like a puzzle. 

This is for one individual Coaster. 

Each coaster will vary slightly, each with it's own unique markings. These have rough cut edges with more of a natural look, so the edges are not perfect. 



The most recognisable of all the crystals, Quartz is what’s known as a ‘power stone’. Named the Universal Crystal because of its many uses, there’s not a lot this stone can’t do.

It works with all the energies in the world by enhancing them through absorbing and amplifying. It takes these powers and balances them, focusing in on their individual properties. 

Being a clear stone it works faster than coloured ones, rejuvenating the mind and clearing away headaches. 

It also effective in improving ones memory, beneficial for storing and retrieving information.

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