Amethyst Beaded Bracelet

Amethyst bracelet created with 8mm beads. These bracelets are made with stretch so they are super easy to slip on and off. They are a great way to keep Crystals on you and allow their energy to radiate. 

Amethyst is calming, protective and when worn on the body can help with migraines. 

They are made one size fits most, so depending on your wrist the fit may vary. 



Energy that is broken and fragmented loses its rhythm and power. It is a puzzle missing pieces, obscuring the portrait and unsettling the visions.

Amethyst is stability. It is strength, invigoration and peace. It creates harmony within by focusing your energies, encouraging positive dreams.

As a protective stone it is linked to faithfulness and modesty. When worn as a necklace it seeps into the chest, offering aid to true meditation.

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