10 Ways to add Crystals for Success to your work space 

We spend so much of our life working or studying so why not only make ourselves an inviting and inspiring area to succeed in.


By incorporating crystals to your space their energies can encourage you to reach your full potential. Here are 10 ways to add Success to your workspace and keep you motivated every day!

Success Crystal Packs

Including Citrine, Carnelian, Clear Quartz, Pyrite & Aventurine, all crystals with energies to promote Success within your daily life. 

Wooden plates are the perfect way to display your success crystals on your desk.

Crystal Keyrings

With your choice of Crystal, you can carry it with you and make sure you can find your keys too. We recommend Aventurine & Clear Quartz for Success. 

Display Crystals in your Pot Plants

Pot plants are a great way to add some character to your desk and bring nature indoors. Displaying crystals inside your pot plants is a beautiful and unique touch and also helps to make use of space. 

Crystal Dreams Dreamcatchers

The new Crystal Dreams collection incorporates various crystals into the design. Citrine and Clear Quartz radiate Success and they look cute too.


Marble Collections

The Success box in the Marble Collection, contains 6 large crystals to promote Success. You can display these in the box, or take them out and scatter them across your workspace. 

Success Ornaments

Citrine is known as a 'stone of the mind,' available in various styles we recommend the Citrine Wand and Clusters to add a pop of colour to your space. 

Crystal Candle holders are available in a range of Crystals, each offering various benefits. Candles are a great way to create ambiance and tranquility.

Elephants are known to represent strength and power, they are available in a small size perfect to add a little character to your space.