Gua Sha

Used in traditional Chinese medicine these Gua Sha's are carved from Rose Quartz. Commonly used to help keep your skin young and vibrant. Scrape it along the curves of your face and neck applying a firm pressure. This will help to increase blood circulation. You can also use it with oil and moisturisers to rub them into your skin and stimulate pressure points.

Size: 75x40mm

Gua Sha Benefits:

- Increase blood flow

- Reduce puffy under eyes

- Reduce inflammation

-Reduce wrinkles

-Firm your skin

-Stimulate pressure points

An added bonus, it can help your beauty products, like oils and moisturisers, last longer as it won't absorb any moisture. Allows your skin to soak up all the goodness to leave you with a youthful glow. 




Rose Quartz is the ‘stone of love’, however its properties cover much more than just your relationships. It amplifies the feeling of self-worth and to feel worthy of love.

Gentle in nature, Rose Quartz releases feelings of peace that open the heart. A rejuvenator that targets the skin, it is said to make you look younger.

It can also enliven the imagination, making it a useful stone when being creative in every aspect of your life.


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